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gContactSync 0.4 bugs
« on: December 29, 2012, 07:33:25 PM »
Dear Josh Geenen and other developers

After using the latest gContactSync addon (version 0.4.0b2) I found out that there're still some bugs which also existed in previous versions too:
  • I can not pull my contacts' birthdays yet. I want to sync my TB contacts with Google contacts to become informed automatically about birthday of my contacts using "ThunderBirthDay" addon. But it seems that gContactSync addon doesn't pull google contacts birthdays down to TB contacts. Am I wrong or are there some bugs regarding this issue?
  • As I searched through pirules forum, I realized that you were working around syncing postal addresses between TB contacts and Google contacts. However after testing latest version of gContactSync addon, I'm still unable to pull my contacts' addresses down to my TB ones. Have you corrected postal addresses issue or are you still working on it?
  • Many of my contacts don't have any photo or birthday in their Google account, but most of them have both photo and birhtday in their facebook account. So I tried to import those 2 records from my facebook friends. After seeing the verbose log I found out that the facebook importer could get birthday dates and some other records, but when it was trying to import my facebook friends data, it only imported their name and photo and ignored all other data (including their birthday) from importing. Should I set some preferences to import those additional records (like birthday) from my facebook friends or is it also a bug?

For additional info: I'm using gContactSync 0.4.0b2 on ThunderBird 17 on LinuxMintDebianEdtion (LMDE) 64 bit using Cinnamon Desktop