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Proper setup question
« on: March 04, 2014, 10:16:31 PM »
After a couple of years of using gContactSync (most recently 0.3.6 on Ubuntu 13.10) and not really paying attention to details I realized I'd been losing data - notes added were not getting synced and eventually lost altogether. A week or so ago I could no longer sync from Thunderbird to Gmail. It worked the other way fine. Settings were bidirectional and I had changed nothing.
Anyway - after much searching on the web and no success with solutions I decided to reinstall the extension and in the process decided to move to the 0.4.0rc2 version. I can now sync both directions but some things don't work and maybe weren't working before I started paying attention. For instance:
Notes created in Thunderbird sync to Gmail but not the other way around. Some other issues, too, but more on that another time once I figure out if I've created the problem by not properly configuring this.

My MAIN question is this - not having a "hold your hand and walk you through it" document to refer to (hint, hint) - What are the proper settings for total bi-directional syncing and in Thunderbird which address book should I be editing to?

I have in Thunderbird a Personal Address book and a Collected Address book (which I don't use and is not set up to sync).
gContactSync added Google Contacts.
Am I supposed to sync both Personal Address book and Google Contacts with my Gmail account (that gives me two complete address books in Thunderbird) or turn off syncing to one?
If I want to use lists (Thunderbird) or groups (Google) do I need to commit to one or the other? It appears to me that Thunderbird lists don't show up in Google reliably. I had a list created in Thunderbird show up in Google but no members. My Gmail groups show up in Thunderbird under Google Contacts with members added via the Gmail web interface but if I add members via Thunderbird they don't show up in Gmail. Configuration issue or can I only populate groups via Gmail?

I need to access and edit contacts via Thunderbird (both on Windows and Ubuntu) and via Android phone (not having any problems there - edits show up in Gmail and sync to Google Contacts in Thunderbird). I rarely use the Gmail web interface but need to guarantee the bi-directional syncing so my Android contact edits get through to Thunderbird.