Author Topic: First attempt to Register, Board called me "a spam."  (Read 1196 times)


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First attempt to Register, Board called me "a spam."
« on: April 23, 2015, 03:22:35 PM »
I was finally able to register here, so here I am.

I have used gContactSync for a few months on several computers, but ran into a snag on one of them, so I went to the site, filed a bug report, and THEN noticed the discussion forum. I haven't seen my particular issue mentioned yet, but I thought I should participate in the discussion in case it was a known issue.

However, when I tried to register, I entered the capcha, did the math, clicked the submit button, and.... the site said the registration wasn't proceeding because "you are a spam."

I waited a couple of days before trying again, so it's possible someone un-flagged me, but I did make one change the second time I registered -- the first time I used a three-letter username, and the second time I used a (counting on my fingers) nine letter username. Maybe, despite clicking the little icon and the site giving me a green check-mark on the three-letter username, maybe it doesn't really like three-letter usernames.

I did my best to contact the owner/administrator of the board, but I never got a response so it's impossible to know if anything else changed "behind the scenes."

I wanted to mention this in case it's helpful to the next person who has trouble registering.

P.S.: I'm getting some practice in blurry letter recognition and basic math. Elementary school flashbacks!  ;D
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