Author Topic: Local contact erases existing gmail contact  (Read 417 times)


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Local contact erases existing gmail contact
« on: March 15, 2017, 09:46:59 AM »

I would like to report a nasty bug in gcontactsync.

This bug updates a existing gmail contact with false information instead of creating a new one.

Here is how it happens:

1- I received an email from someone who is not in my address book.
2- In thunderbird, I click on the star close to the name of the person in order to add her in my address book. It adds the person into my local address book not my gmail synchronized one.
3- I decide to add this new contact in my gmail address book instead of in my local one. I click on the name of the contact and select "Modify the contact". Then I select the Gmail address book.
4- I go to gcontactsync and hit sync. I see that gcontactsync did not create a new contact but add the email of the new contact to another (existing) one. In my case, it removed the surname,name and email of the existing contact and replaced by the ones of the new without changing the display name and the phone number.

What I think it happened:

When I save the new contact in my local address book, it gave it an ID number. I have a gmail contact with the same ID. When I copy from the local contact to my gmail sync address book, the ID has the effect of merging both contacts without warning.

I can run some tests if needed.