Author Topic: gContactSync & Mailing List management bug  (Read 457 times)


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gContactSync & Mailing List management bug
« on: April 18, 2017, 08:21:05 AM »
Dear Josh,
what I submit here happens since I have been using gContactSync & Thunderbird.
I was not able to understand the mechanism, but now I think I was successfull.

I created a new addressbook in TB 52.0 (but also with previous versions) and I called it "Vanilla".
In this new addressbook I insert some contacts.
For sake of simplicity I put only the Name, Surname and email address of the following 10 "fake" contacts, which were inserted exactly in the reported sequence:

As soon as they are entered, they were sorted out by surname (or name - I decided for the surname) automatically, as reported in N. "1" of the attached screenshot.

Then, inside this addressbook, I create 3 Mailing Lists exactly in this order and with these names:

In N. "2" of the of the attached screenshot it is reported the result of this operation.

At this point I insert in list "1_list" these persons:

In "2_list" I inserted these persons:

and lastly in "3_list" I inserted these persons:

At this point I decide to delete the list called "2_list", ie the list I created as the 2nd one.

Actual results
In "3" of the attached screenshoot I report what happened.
As one can see, the person who was inserted as 2nd in the addressbook, ie "Frank BLAKE" loses his surname which was substituted by the name of the list which was removed and the email of Frank BLAKE has gone.

Expected results
In conclusion, the deletion of a list created as n-th of the lists associated to an address book causes:
a) the name of the removed list to substitute the surname/last name of the n-th person inserted in that address book. For example if you remove list created as 3rd list, then its name subtitutes the surname of the person which was inserted as 3rd in the same addressbook.
b) the email of the person who loses his/her surname (substituted by the name of the list removed) was also lost.



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Re: gContactSync & Mailing List management bug
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2017, 08:31:01 AM »
If it was not clear enough by reading my OP, what I described above happens in these conditions:
1. I have gContactSync installed and working inside my Thunderbird
2. The problem I reported involved the addressbook(s) I create and handle locally inside Thunderbird ie addressbook which are *different* from that/those managed by gContactSync.
Besides, I have been using gContactSync without creating/importing ANY mailing list or groups inside GMail addressbook (it is just a "pure" addressbook) and I'm used to create inside TB only one addressbook syncing with GMail (ie gContactSync-dependent).
So, in these conditions, I did not choose to fill-in the email field with dummy email address(es) ever, even if someone of my GMail contacts is without email address.