Author Topic: Problem: new contacts in Thunderbird saved by Google as "other contacts"  (Read 179 times)


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I have been using this plug-in for a while, and it has worked great for me to sync with Google.  Cudos!!!!   However, I have been trying to then sync from Google to my Samsung s6 Android phone through the Gmail Android app.   This has not been working.   I just discovered that, when contacts are created in Thunderbird and sent to Google through the plug-in, Google lists the contacts under a heading of 'other contacts".   There is no issue using Gmail itself because those contacts are found just like all others.   However, the Android Gmail app apparently only syncs contacts that are listed in the "my contacts" section.  What I found was that all my group names, and the contacts under them, appeared under My Contacts, and were synced to Android.   However, the vast majority that were in "other contacts" and not in a group were not.   

I went into Google, selected those under "other contacts" in groups, and selected to "move them to My Contacts."  Once I did this, the next time the phone synced I got all the contacts.    I am not sure if this will cause any issues with gContactSync the next time it syncs.   Note that my master address book is local in Thunderbird.   I had very few contacts in Google itself.  Almost all of them were created the first time I synced with gContactSync.

Can anyone explain why Google put the groups in My Contacts, but not the individual contacts?   Is there any way to change this behavior.   I could find no options in gContactSync.   

Any advice is appreciated.   Thanks.


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Re: Problem: new contacts in Thunderbird saved by Google as "other contacts"
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2017, 05:12:09 PM »
Found the same problem with:
OS: Ubuntu 16.04
TBird: 52.4.0 (64 bit)
gContactSync: 2.0.12