Author Topic: Comparing Address Books / Contacts between Thunderbird and Google  (Read 172 times)


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I'm new to gContactSync and to Google Contacts and am struggling to compare the two sets of Address Books / Contacts.

Before I started with this Google sync I had one T/B Address Book that contained all my contacts included manual and collected additions. That is what I'm wanting to restore.

I started by exporting that T/B Address Book to Google. Now I have a confused mess:

In T/B: I see the Main Book(same as the exported Book); The Book I exported to Google, copied back as an 'Imported' Book; 'Personal' Book containg manual additions; 'Collected' Book containing new email contacts.
In Google: I see 'Contacts' as the Book that was imported; The 'Imported' Book; 'Other' Book containing the contacts in the T/B 'Collected' Book.  I do not see the contacts manually added to the T/B 'Personal Book'.

How to I simplify this arrangement to attain my objective of one Address Book in T/B reflected exactly in Google?