Author Topic: Can't log in to google contacts  (Read 131 times)


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Can't log in to google contacts
« on: November 10, 2017, 07:35:02 PM »
I have installed Thunderbird on 3 PC's, all running Windows 10.  I have then copied my profile to each of them and set profile.ini to point to it.  The profile includes four email acconts, one of which is gmail.  All works well on 2 PC's.  However, I can't configure gContactSync on the third.  When I install the add-on and restart Thunderbird the gContactSync Wizard dialog opens, asking me to select the account to sync.  It gives the option to use an existing account or a new account.  The dropdown box under existing lists three accounts, but not the gmail account.  If I enter the gmail as a new account then click Next a Sign In dialog opens showing the gmail account.  However, none of the links of buttons works, so I can't progress to Next. All I can do is close or cancel the dialog to return to Thunderbird.

All the email accounts work, so I can send and receive to them all, including the gmail account.

Each time I re-open Thunderbird the gContactSync Wizard open, but it never shows the gmail account, and if I enter it manually then progress to the Sign In dialog it always hangs.