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This information is very helpful to me.
Help / Re: impossible to sync offline
« Last post by Amiisato on September 19, 2017, 02:06:05 AM »
Hello nice to meet you. Do you need help?
Help / Synch with Google
« Last post by davidselig on September 19, 2017, 01:09:55 AM »
Hi all.   I have great trouble managing contacts over -
iphone, Google (these two work well) and Thunderbird, via gSync.  no idea why this one doesn't really synch well, often mismatching.  Ideas for help please,
Help / Re: impossible to sync offline
« Last post by Tincho on September 18, 2017, 07:34:15 AM »
Hi again! I left gContactSync installed despite giving an error message. And, about ten days after i installed it; today i can see that the error has gone. I don't know why; because nothing changed in my network... Anyway, i'm gonna try it in another computer and see what happens. I'll keep you informed.
Thanks again for reading!!
Localization (L10n) / Re: French translation 2
« Last post by londumas on September 16, 2017, 02:11:19 AM »

Is it still useful to translate the app ?
Are you planning to release an update sometime soon ?

Thanks for the work
Help / impossible to sync offline
« Last post by Tincho on September 12, 2017, 09:56:11 AM »
Hi everyone! I'm Tincho, from Argentina (sorry for my bad english).
I've tried gContactSync in Thunderbird 52.3.0, with Ubuntu and Windows 7. In both cases, i get the error message on the subject: "impossible to sync offline". Meanwhile i can navigate on internet, and get new mails; so i'm not offline.  Could it be because i'm behind a proxy? Wich port uses gContactSync? Or what else could cause this error?
Thanks in advance!
Help / Why are counts of contacts different in gContactSync & Google Contacts
« Last post by johnaaronrose on September 08, 2017, 01:48:26 AM »
I only have 1 TB Address Book (named Personal Address Book) and only 1 email (i.e. gmail) a/c in TB. TB's Personal Address Book has 4 Lists (i.e. Groups) besides the standard ones (Coworkers with 41 entries, Family with 18 entries, Friends with 8 entries - that must show something about me, My Contacts, Starred in Android with 3 entries) with all their (i.e. the Lists and the standard ones) email addresses being ones held in "My Contacts". Should an entry for the same person be held in both "My Contacts" and (e.g. Coworkers) be held?.

According to TB, there are 480 entries in both All Address Books and Personal Address Book, with 466 in "My Contacts". But gContactSync's Notification Summary (on doing a Sync where I have Sync set to All Groups & Contacts with complete direction for sync set to Both) says that there are 466. Why are there these discrepancies?

BTW There are no entries in my "Collected Addresses" as I've deleted them all for clarity on this issue.

Google Contacts (in my internet browser) shows that that there are 388 in Contacts with 0 in Other Contacts: I left it for a few hours to properly sync after doing Replace to Server & Sync Now for Personal Address Book in TB.. Why are nearly a 100 entries missing in Contacts on the web?

The verbose gContactSyncLog shows:
Loading gContactSync at Fri Sep 08 2017 05:40:58 GMT+0100 (BST)
 * Version is:       2.0.12
 * Last version was: 2.0.12
 * User Agent:       Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Thunderbird/52.2.1
 * Log location:     /home/john/.thunderbird/t1c38h07.default/gcontactsync/gcontactsync_log.txt

Getting Prefs for AB 'Personal Address Book':
 * Plugin = Google
 * Username =
 * Disabled = false
 * myContacts = false
 * myContactsName = All
 * syncGroups = true
 * readOnly = false
 * writeOnly = false
 * updateGoogleInConflicts = true
 * lastSync = 1504817690017
 * lastBackup = 1504619846566
 * reset = false

Getting Prefs for AB 'Collected Addresses':
 * Plugin = Google
 * Username = none
 * Disabled = false
 * myContacts = true
 * myContactsName = contacts
 * syncGroups = false
 * readOnly = false
 * writeOnly = false
 * updateGoogleInConflicts = true
 * lastSync =
 * lastBackup =
 * reset =
General Discussion / Re: Time to synch gmail contact to android
« Last post by marklang on September 06, 2017, 03:30:34 PM »
I know this is an old post.  I just created a new topic that may help explain what is happening at,804.0.html.
I have been using this plug-in for a while, and it has worked great for me to sync with Google.  Cudos!!!!   However, I have been trying to then sync from Google to my Samsung s6 Android phone through the Gmail Android app.   This has not been working.   I just discovered that, when contacts are created in Thunderbird and sent to Google through the plug-in, Google lists the contacts under a heading of 'other contacts".   There is no issue using Gmail itself because those contacts are found just like all others.   However, the Android Gmail app apparently only syncs contacts that are listed in the "my contacts" section.  What I found was that all my group names, and the contacts under them, appeared under My Contacts, and were synced to Android.   However, the vast majority that were in "other contacts" and not in a group were not.   

I went into Google, selected those under "other contacts" in groups, and selected to "move them to My Contacts."  Once I did this, the next time the phone synced I got all the contacts.    I am not sure if this will cause any issues with gContactSync the next time it syncs.   Note that my master address book is local in Thunderbird.   I had very few contacts in Google itself.  Almost all of them were created the first time I synced with gContactSync.

Can anyone explain why Google put the groups in My Contacts, but not the individual contacts?   Is there any way to change this behavior.   I could find no options in gContactSync.   

Any advice is appreciated.   Thanks.
Help / Re: Problem syncing new contact created in TB
« Last post by johnaaronrose on September 05, 2017, 11:08:29 AM »
I've tried adding new contacts when using TB. They automatically go in the Personal Address Book, but not in My Contacts (or any other sub-folder such as Friends). I have gcontactsync a/c settings to sync All Groups & Contacts. When I sync in gcontactsync, a window pops up saying an entry has been added to Google contacts. When accessing Gmail Contacts using my internet browser, they then appear in Other Contacts soon afterwards (Other Contacts contents is shown by selecting more in the list on the left side of the web page).

However, what is displayed in Android is a subset of all my contacts, even though I've customised the Contacts To Display setting (in the standard Contacts app) to display everything except Other Contacts (for which there is no setting in Define Customised View). Similar problem in the Contacts+ 3rd party app.

To summarise, it seems that there is a no-win situation in syncing TB, Gmail Contacts browser, and Android Contacts/Contacts+. How ridiculous!
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