What is gContactSync?

gContactSync is an add-on that synchronizes contacts between Google (Gmail) and Thunderbird, and also supports importing contacts from Facebook and Twitter.
You can synchronize multiple accounts with multiple address books, and it fully supports regular and hosted Google Accounts.

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Warning: Please backup your contacts before using gContactSync.

Which applications does it support?

Where can I download it?

What attributes can it sync?




Name Display Name
First Name, Last Name, Phonetic Name First Name, Last Name, Phonetic Name
Nickname Nickname
The first two Email Addresses Primary and Second(ary) Email Addresses
The next 2 email addresses Third and Fourth Addresses
The first seven phone numbers First - Seventh phone numbers**
The first instant messaging screenname Screennames
The next five screennames Additional Screennames**
Company Organization
Department Department
(Work) Title Work Title
Notes Notes
Birthday Birthday
Relationship (spouse, domestic partner, child, mother, father, etc.) People**
The first URL Web Page (Private)
The second URL Web Page (Work)
Home and Work Address Home and Work Address***
Other Address Other Address (multiple lines allowed)**

*Only the first (primary) attribute of each type is synced from Google unless otherwise noted. The others are preserved while updating a contact.

**The attributes marked with ** are not standard in Thunderbird and are added by this extension to the Address Book.

gContactSync is not able to synchronize the custom fields in Gmail and Thunderbird together due to limitations in Google's API.

All local data that is not synchronized (for example, extra e-mail addresses in a Google Contact) is preserved.