I like to program and am going to school for Computer Engineering, so I make a lot of programs. Only a few are ready for being made public, but I'll add them as they are finished.

The programs on this page were written by me in high school and early in my college career, so they don't represent my current abilities ;-).
For more recent samples of my work see the add-ons section or Bugzilla.

If you are looking for my calculator programs, please see , which is another one of my websites.

Password Bin - Beta - Generates secure, random passwords and safely stores your login information in an encrypted file.
Password Generator - Creates a secure password for websites
Base Converter - Beta - Converts numbers from one base (radix) to another up to base 36.
English-ASCII Converter - Converts an English string to ASCII or to any other numerical base up to base 36 so you can talk to your friends in binary.
XP Registry Tweaker - Alpha stage